Shake Your Bellies with Our Trained Hula Dancers in Toronto

We all know that Hula is a Polynesian dance form which is accompanied by song (mele) and chat (oli). Long time ago, this dance format was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who in the beginning settled there. The hula sensationalizes or portrays the words of the oli or mele in a visual dance form.

Hula dancing is a multifaceted art form, and there are many hand motions used to symbolize the words in a song or hymn. For example, hand movements can signify aspects of nature, for instance the swaying of a tree in the breeze or a wave in the ocean, or a mood or emotion, such as keenness or yearning. Our Hula dancers in Toronto are trained toHula Dancers in Toronto portray all these emotions and moods in the most perfect way in every performance they perform, in Toronto and everywhere they perform.

We perform to entertain you…we perform to make you shake your bodies!

As you all know that to become professional Hula dancers, one has to undergo rigorous training. Moreover, he has to understand every mood of the song or chant used while dancing. Then only he or she can become perfect and can express his or her emotions perfectly through this wonderful and creative dance format. At Hawaiian Pacific Magic, we nurture our trainees with utmost care so that they don’t just perform this Hawaiian dance format but also make the audience join and shake their bellies.

Our group of dancers performs across the world in various events and has earned fame for showcasing Hula Dance and promoting Hawaiian art and culture.

Tahitian Dance Lessons toronto

Hawaiian Pacific Magic also conducts Tahitian Dance Lessons Toronto for those who are interested in this particular dance format. Do you know that Tahitian Dance is good for stronger legs, abs and buttocks? Believe it